2011 Chubs & Chasers Club of Chicago
Our Purpose

The Girth & Mirth of Chicago was formed recently by a group of men who wanted to fill the void left by the disbanding of the Girth & Mirth of Chicago. The group serves as a social outlet for gay/bi/curious big guys and the guys who adore larger men. Girth & Mirth of Chicago is a platform for guys of size and their admirers to meet, hang out, socialize, and network with other guys in this particular community.

Our Mission

    The Girth & Mirth of Chicago is an outlet for guys of size and their admirers to socialize, network, develop friendships, and explore the surrounding community. The Girth & Mirth of Chicago's mission is to celebrate guys of size and their admirers, to develop an effective support system, and to build and strengthen our community.

What exactly is a Big Men Club?

    In a perfect world, a guy of size would be able to go out and not be ridiculed and subjected to the standards of society. In a perfect world, guys of size would be respected for the people they are, and not mocked for their exterior. In a perfect world, guys who adore men of size would not be shunned for their attraction to big men. In a perfect world, a man showing his affection towards another man or woman showing her affection towards another woman would not be an issue, but rather respected as symbols of loving, healthy relationships. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world. Even within the LGBT community, being a larger person or having an attraction for larger person is considered abnormal and treated as a fetish. The unwanted attention and ridicule within bars, clubs, etc., prevents many people in the chub and chaser community from enjoying the lifestyle. This is why Big Men Clubs were formed. These clubs provide a safe and accepted social outlet for our community to do what everyone else in the world does... to live life to the fullest!

The History of the Big Men's Movement and Affiliated Big Men's Club

    The Girth and Mirth concept actually spans over 40 years. Clubs, like the Girth & Mirth of Chicago, began in California in the 1970's by a man named Charlie Brown. He is a gay man who loved men of size and decided that gay men of size and their admirers needed a club that served as a place to meet and socialize without fear of abuse and ridicule. The movement grew with clubs in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

For more information about the Big Men's Movement, please download this article entitled, "organization, Specialization, and Desires in the Big Men's Movement: Preliminary Research in the Study of Subculture Formation", By Alex Robinson Teeter, written in the Journal of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Identity.

For more information about the ABC, please visit the ABC website.