2013 Chubs & Chasers Club of Chicago
Welcome to the Girth and Mirth of Chicago. This group was created as a social outlet for gay/bi/curious big guys and the guys who adore larger men. Hopefully this club will be a platform for guys of size and their admirers to meet, hang out, socialize, and network with other guys in this particular community.

Society as a whole views fatness in a negative light. Though we do encourage healthy living, this group was created to celebrate guys of size. Chicago is a wonderful, world class city full of oppurtunity and adventures. We are here to encourage men of size and their admirers to explore what Chicago has to offer. The chub/chaser movement is alive and well. We hope to strengthen our community and defy the negative stereotypes that people have against overweight people in general. So whether you are a chub, chaser, bear, cub, admirer, or just a friend of the community, you are sincerely welcome to join us in our quest. Big, giant hugs!
Click on the Skyline to see what Chicago has to offer!
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